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    Audio Analogue announces Armonia Series

    Comprising three impressive models, the Armonia Series embodies profound elements of musical perfection and succinct technical design. Built around key ideals of passion, technology and sound, these exciting new products from Audio Analogue display the result of intensive research into high end audio technology and the implementation of these fundamental principles to achieve the highest […]

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    Eastern Electric Minimax Tube DAC review (ESS9018)

    The year was 1994.  Mighty Joe Moon – Grant Lee Buffalo’s sophomore album – had just dropped into my lap and Melody Maker had concluded their review with the words “Stunning.  Absolutely F**king Stunning.”  CDUniverse’s review summary page censors the profanity thus diluting the conclusive impact of the review, but the F-word was there.  It was there.  It […]

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    iPeng Squeezebox app now available for iPad

    You have an iPad and you are a Squeezebox user? Or you do already use iPeng and you feel you sometimes need a big screen to search for stuff. The Squeezebox web interface is too slow for you? Then we’ve got something for you: iPeng for iPad is here. iPeng for iPad is not just […]

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    Audio-gd NFB-2 review (Wolfson WM8741)

    Oftentimes, DACs are about right and wrong.  It’s not so much about resolution or detail or musicality – it can be boiled down to something far more fundamental. Does it sound “right” or does it sound “wrong”?  You either enjoy the sound or you don’t.  It either makes you smile or it doesn’t. If company […]

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    Mordaunt Short Mezzo 2 standmount loudspeaker review

    My first proper pair of speakers were made by UK hifi stalwart Mordaunt Short.  One hundred quid from a long-forgotten store in the east end of London.  The small, standmounted MS 3.10 saw me through my university years.  These were the speakers through which I discovered Neil Young, Bob Dylan and the Talk Talk’s descent […]