November 2010

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    dB Audio Labs Tranquility Signature Edition DAC review

    There is a new breed of hifi enthusiast on the loose on internet fora:  the Armchair Audiophile.  More than any other product, the DAC has served to nurture the Armchair Audiophile’s unflinching self-belief that he is able to correctly judge the sonic prowess of a product based solely upon a quick perusal of the specifications […]

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    International Dynamics announce NuForce Icon2

    International Dynamics Australasia is proud to announce the release of the new Icon2 from NuForce. This exceptional integrated desktop audio amplifier featuring 2 x 24 watt output, not only performs by surpassing audiophile quality and reproducing music with the upmost power and succinct clarity, but also boasts compact and sharp aesthetics with a funky edge, […]

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    Heed Dactilus DAC with Heed Q-PSU

    The turn of phrase, the choice of words, the pacing of a review often reflects the product under scrutiny. I often see the review itself an extended onomatopoeia. This one should read as lean, concise and clean (with a hint of warmth). Heed is a lesser-know brand that operates out of lesser hifi-renowned Hungary. It’s a […]

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    Red Wine Audio Signature 30.2 LFP-V edition review

    In William Styron’s 1979 novel Sophie’s Choice, the protagonist is forced to choose which of her two daughters must be surrendered to the Nazis and which one should live. An horrific tale which – when adapted for the big screen in 1982 – saw Meryl Streep pick up the Best Actress Oscar gong. Her portrayal […]

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    JohnBlue JB4 MK2 standmount loudspeaker review

    I have theory about JohnBlue’s JB3 loudspeakers: many audiophiles like the IDEA of them more than they can live with them long-term.  Sooner or later the novelty of an immaculately conceived, three inch full-ranger wears thin: they struggle to fill anything more than small rooms and they suffer cone break-up when played “loud”.  That is […]