October 2010

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    Sonos launches wireless iPod dock

    Sonos, the leading developer of wireless multi-room music systems for the home, have announced that the Sonos Wireless Dock (WD100), an accessory to the award-winning Sonos Multi-Room Music System, is now available for purchase.  The Sonos Wireless Dock is available in Australia for AU$199 at all Sonos authorized retailers. With the Sonos Wireless Dock, you […]

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    EMusic – more digital ash for the digital urn

    I love EMusic. It offers a cheaper alternative to iTunes with a catalogue that isn’t clogged with Lady Gaga and the like. EMusic is the thinking man’s digital music store. It features an ever-growing catalogue of 90s electronica re-issues, The Arcade Fire and a whole heap of more obscure releases. Just last night I bought […]

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    Custom Analogue JLTi EL34 amplifier review

    I’ve always had a soft spot for EL34 valves. Indeed, my main amp for some six years was a Consonance M100+, sporting 4 x EL34 valves. That knocked a Krell KAV-300i out of my system and – along with much valve rolling – saw off all other reasonably priced contenders for half a decade. The […]

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    Wyred 4 Sound W4S DAC-2 review (Sabre 9018)

    In the world of hifi, the seven degrees of separation could easily be hacked down to four…perhaps even three. Rick Cullen of Cullen Circuits used to be the primary builder for PS Audio. EJ Sarmento – who worked at Cullen Circuits with Rick – formed Wyred 4 Sound and made an immediate splash with his […]

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    AyreWave audio player for OS X

    The author of the ever-dependable Play audio player (Stephen Booth) has this launched the first public beta of a more audiophile-focussed software player for OS X. For audiophile users desiring more control over their audio, AyreWave can take exclusive control of the output device (using hog mode) and send audio in the device’s native format. […]

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    Aspen Naksa 70 power amplifier module

    If you had to describe your ideal hi-fi sound, what words would you choose? Let’s say you were limited to three words, what three words would describe your ideal hi-fi sound? Seriously, ponder that simple (but legitimate) question for a moment. Now ask yourself, “Do aesthetics matter?”. Many claim that they don’t, but I’ve seen […]

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    PMC DB1i standmount loudspeaker

    The DB1i is the baby of the PMC (Profession Monitor Company) range – above it sit a larger standmount (the TB1i) and a slim floorstander (the GB1i). The DB1i wears an in-house designed 13cm woofer cone and a SEAS soft-dome tweeter. So far, so ordinary. Not so common is the bass energising transmission line duct: […]

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    Bliss album art downloader for OS X

    Elsten software have announced the release of bliss for Mac OS X. bliss is a fully automated album art organiser for digital music. bliss saves time when managing large music collections by running fully automatically, fixing your music collections so it complies with the rules you specify. The result is a cleaner, more consistent and […]

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    Trafomatic Experience Two integrated amplifier review

    Without fail, each and every valve amplifier that has passed through the Darko doors has been christened (by my wife) with an all-too literally descriptive name: the Consonance M100+ was referred to as the “Prison Amplifier” (due to its tube cage), the JLTi EL34 is the “Power Station” and today I can reveal unto you […]

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    VortexBox Appliance media server review

    An open letter to the Australian VortexBox distributor, Peter Hocking: Dear Peter I wish to extend my thanks to you for the loan of the VortexBox Appliance for these past few weeks – and thank you for your patience in answering my numerous emails. A recent visit to the Naim dealer in Sydney changed my […]