September 2010

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    Virtue Sensation M901 integrated amplifier review

    Hifi review publication is much like punchline delivery in stand-up comedy: timing is EVERYTHING. The Sensation M901’s development process is an epic tale that has seen this product take nearly two years to come to market. That – and limited production runs – are the predominant reasons why I found myself so eager to review […]

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    Sonos launches controller for the iPad (finally)

    After pushing back the release date, the Sonos controller for iPad has finally hit the iTunes store. It looks super-slick and – best of all – it’s FREE. Check out the promo video for the Sonos iPad app here.  Warning: it is teeth-itchingly American. This is a smart move on Sonos’ part. If it doesn’t […]

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    Logitech Squeezebox Touch review

    “That’s right, it filets, it chops, it dices, slices, Never stops, lasts a lifetime, mows your lawn And it mows your lawn and it picks up the kids from school It gets rid of unwanted facial hair, it gets rid of embarrassing age spots, It delivers a pizza, and it lengthens, and it strengthens And […]

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    Omega Super 6 Alnico XRS review

    Pull up a chair and let me tell you a story about how a guy from Connecticut has designed a loudspeaker that’s short on “hi-fi” and long on music. I’ve been thinking about Old Testament stories:  specifically, Noah and the Ark. This is the second pair of Omega loudspeakers I’ve reviewed in nearly as many […]

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    The Squeezebox Touch’s internal DAC is very good

    The philanthropists and publicists at Logitech Australia have made good on their promise to send me a Squeezebox Touch for review. Click the link and you’ll see the Squeezebox Classic is now MIA in the Logitech Store. A shame, as I always thought it a better product than the Duet. Isn’t everyone using iPeng these […]

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    TeraDak Chameleon 16 x TDA1543 DAC review

    Eager Head-Fi beavers will know all about TeraDak.  The Chameleon (RRP AU$580) is the Chinese company’s second plough of the DAC field. They enjoyed tremendous success with the Valab-branded single box NOS DAC – still available in several variants via eBay – which the modding community took to its chest as a DAC ripe for capacitor upgrades. […]

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    KingRex 5V PSU (For Squeezebox Classic) review

    The jury is still out on organic food. Scientists admit that it contains a greater number of antioxidants relative to non-organic food – as well as higher possibly levels of iron and zinc found in organically farmed milk. But no scientific study has yet proven how organic are better for you. Depending on who you […]