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    Beresford TC-7520 “Caiman” DAC

    After languishing since the mid-90s, the consumer DAC market began to blossom again in late 2007. Cambridge Audio and Musical Fidelity were about to launch DACs for the budget hifi market that would later become benchmarks in their class. Another product making waves at the time was the TC-7510 DAC made by little known UK […]

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    Virtue ONE.2 integrated amplifier review

    When Seth Krinsky formed Virtue Audio in 2005, he continued the Tripath audio revolution that had hitherto forestalled at the hands of a Chapter 11 filing. The release of the original (now dubbed “Classic”) Virtue Audio ONE amplifier saw what could be done if an Ikea/Apple-type ideology were brought to bear on the aesthetics of […]

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    iPad Camera Connection Kit (Digital Audio Source)

    The iPad has been on the market for a matter of months and its initial user uptake has been remarkable – 3 million units sold in the first 80 days!  Not even the clarion call of detractors (“it’s just a big iPhone!”) has stunted the iPads sales growth. Each passing week, owners are discovering new […]

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    Red Wine Audio Unveils LFP-V Edition Upgrades

    Red Wine Audio, manufacturer of battery-powered purist hi-fi products, unveils the LFP-V Edition for all Red Wine Audio components. Featuring a new vacuum tube-stage and premium LiFePO4 (LFP) battery technology, the LFP-V Edition delivers a more lifelike musical presentation and has five times the battery cycle life compared to sealed lead-acid (SLA) batteries. The LFP-V […]

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    MHDT Labs Paradisea NOS tube DAC

    Deckard: She’s a replicant, isn’t she? Tyrell: I’m impressed. How many questions does it usually take to spot them? Deckard: I don’t get it Tyrell. Tyrell: How many questions? Deckard: Twenty, thirty, cross-referenced. Tyrell: It took more than a hundred for Rachael, didn’t it? Deckard: She doesn’t know?! Tyrell: She’s beginning to suspect, I think. […]

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    Miniwatt N3 integrated tube amplifier review

    The original Miniwatt – the S1 – was widely praised for deploying a classic single-ended circuit in an insanely small chassis with the resulting sound being more than a little bit special. That lilliputian integrated’s 6J1/6P1 tube combo has been given the heave-ho for the new Miniwatt, the N3. This new iteration confirms Miniwatt’s commitment […]

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    Wharfedale Diamond 10.1 standmount loudspeaker

    Let us commence this review with a jaunt down memory lane. A quick scout around the Wharfedale UK website confirms what I had always suspected: that their Diamond range of speakers began as a revolution and are now the recipients of constant evolution. Plucked from the history page at “1981 – Work began on […]