June 2010

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    Firestone Audio Bravo 24/96 Digital Processor

    Ah, jitter – the elusive enemy of digital audiophiles.  In somewhat over-simplified terms, jitter refers to the timing errors by which the ones and zeroes arrive at your DAC, the audible affects of which could result in a woolly bass, confusing sound-staging or rolled-off treble.   As the saying goes, your mileage may vary.  Many […]

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    Firestone Audio Spitfire 24/96 DAC

    Firestone Audio are a Taiwanese company that bring a bewildering array of tiny hi-fi products to market.  With their “Cute Series”, they often demonstrate that reducing component size doesn’t have to mean too much of a compromise in sound quality. These are not toys from the Harvey Norman end of town. The Firestone Spitfire 24/96 […]